LifeWellness Wholistic Center

“At LifeWellness Wholistic Centre (LWWC) you have an Alternative Integrated Health Centre that helps your body resolve complex health needs Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually (PEMS)”

Discover and experience our art of healing, which has evolved through centuries of efforts by dedicated researchers and talented scientists and perfectly synchronized for the best of results in our establishment. Your health is your most precious possession. Your efforts to learn the secrets of preserving health and avoid sickness will be visited at our facility because we do not only help the body heal itself, but we also teach you to prevent ‘’dis-ease’’

We aim to treat and recycle the complete man: the man who reflects in his body and his mind the impact of the external world upon him.

LifeWellness Center  Specialises in:

🌿Weight Management

🌿Stress Management

🌿Emotional and Mental Therapies

🌿Pain Management


All appointments are tentative subject to payment confirmation.

LifeWellness center Wholistic Wellness assessments runs for 45 minutes to an one hour.

  • It involves a Tanita Body Composition Analysis that looks at 10 areas of your body INCLUDING YOUR METABOLIC AGE
  • Quantum Bioscan Analysis that shows ailments and disease tendencies.

Other Services

🌿One and Three and Days Colon, Kidney, Liver and Spleen (CKLS) Detoxification

🌿Twenty-One Days Juice & Raw Food Natural Detoxification

🌿 Stress Release and Therapeutic Massages

🌿 Range of Motions Assessment Determining the functional range of motion. Engages specific muscle groups and joint structures involved in that motion to determine functionality and includes both passive and active ROM to determine the severity  of trauma.

🌿 Panchakarma Classic Ayurveda detoxification treatment that promotes detoxification and rejuvenation. Is the ultimate mind- body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being?

🌿 Pressure Point Massage – Massaging pressure points on the body is both pleasurable and therapeutic to help relieve, pain, improve circulation and channel the flow of energy.

🌿 Hot Stone Massage – Using heated stones as an extension of therapist’s own hands, or placing them on the body. Helps stimulate deeper relaxation.

🌿 Thai Massage to relieve pain, ease muscle aches, improve blood flow, de-stress.

🌿 Reflexology on the hands and feet helps to relieve stress and boost the immune system among other benefits.

🌿 Pranic Healing and Reiki Non-touch and touch therapies assists the body with natural healing and relaxation.

🌿 *Lymphatic Drainage Massage*Uses external massage strokes to move fluids out of body tissues and into the lymphatic system.

🌿 Oncology Massage is the modification of existing massage therapies and protocols in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment.

🌿 Deep Tissue & Sports Massage – Combination of deep Swedish Massage and other strokes specific to sports massage such as rhythmic compression, pin-and-stretch and active release.

🌿 Chair Massage Allows LWC therapists to work on our client’s head, neck, back and arms…especially for our corporate clients.

🌿 Pre- Natal & Infant Massage


LifeWellness Center is located at:

10 Zinia Street, Community 20, Lashibi.

We are open 9 to 5 pm Mondays through Fridays and Saturdays and public holidays from 9.00am to 2pm.


Kindly Call 0202023252 to book an appointment


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