Dr. Kofi AsareCEO of Pamahealth Company Limited

    Dr. Kofi Asare is the recent past president of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana.

    Dr. Kofi Asare as a founding member of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana, Founder and National Coordinator of the Preventive Health and Total Wellness Association of Ghana, International Spokesperson of the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers Association, member of Ghana Institute of Management and an Elder and Patron of the Africa for Africans Investments and Repatriation Tours.

    Dr. Kofi Asare is the CEO of Pamahealth Company Limited with over 200 Health formulas and Recipes.

    Dr. Kofi Asare is the Author of the best-selling book “CHOSEN TO HEAL” – African Traditional Health Care As a Way of Life as well as many unpublished papers on wholistic health and Nutritional Healing.

    Dr. Asare is also an Iriologyist, Pranic Healer, Nutritional Healer and Master Herbalist.

    Dr. Asare has been giving lectures and Workshops, Seminars and Certificated Classes in several cities in the United States since 2008. Dr. Asare has delivered talks in Ghana, Malawi, Malaysia, Togo, and is currently propelling an agenda of health from Ghana to the African Continent with the vision “Vegetarianism – Healthy Life Style beyond a meatless Diet”