Profile Jennifer Agyeman

 Jennifer Agyeman is a personal development specialist, who provides soft skills training to personnel within dynamic organizations and coaches driven individuals (from executives to entrepreneurs), providing them insights into powerful resources and techniques to better understand themselves and others and achieve their desired outcomes.

She combines her passion for excellence, successful living, projecting the right image and positive relationships with her extensive skill set in soft skills and the science of the mind to help bring effective change into individual lives and organisations.  A certified and experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Image Consultant, she also holds a certificate in Event management

Personal sessions with Jennifer will provide clarity and focus whilst enabling clients to understand and change unhelpful mindsets and beliefs which are the result of experience and programming.  Issues connected to emotional trauma can be dealt with and the effects eliminated or reduced, including phobias and personal conflicts as the root cause are discovered.

Jennifer is very passionate about making healthy lifestyle choices in food and drink, among others.  Personal experience has shown her that what we consume impacts our results and that food that is highly nutritious puts our bodies in a better state, increasing our chances of success even in conceiving, a healthier childbirth experience and successful breastfeeding amongst others.  She follows a predominantly pescetarian diet and thoroughly enjoys raw and vegan food.

Jennifer Agyeman fully supports the vision of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana because she appreciates that its work is very necessary and can transform the nation by educating and renewing mindsets around what people put into their bodies daily.