Dr.  B. Kofi Asare is a Wholistic Wellness Consultant and the C.E.O. of Pamahealth Company Tema, Ghana. He is a founding Member of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana A master herbalist and a certified adult educator and counselor A licensed practitioner of the Traditional Medicine Practice Council of Ghana, International Spokesperson for the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers’ Association of Ghana, Founder and National Coordinator of the Preventive Health and Total Wellness Association of Ghana and member of the Ghana Institute of Management.

Dr.  Asare is the author of CHOSEN TO HEAL and many published and unpublished articles on health, herbal healing, the environment and natural health.

Dr. Asare has over 200 herbal formulas and food recipes for healthy living. He has been a passionate advocate for vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle option for over twenty years.

Dr. Asare has delivered free seminars in Ghana, Malawi, and Togo. He has toured several cities in the US since 2008 with his message of A HEALER IN EVERY FAMILY. He has trained Naturopathic doctors, teachers and other healers and herbalists, in African Healing Science and Nutrition, in many cities across the United States and Ghana.

Dr. Asare is also a patron and cultural adviser for the AFRICA FOR AFRICANS SOCIAL AND INVESTMENT TOURS between West Africa and the US.