DR. B. KOFI ASARE is a Wholistic Wellness Consultant and the C.E.O. of Pamahealth Company Tema, Ghana. He is a founding Member of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana.

A master herbalist and a certified adult educator and counselor A licensed practitioner of the Traditional Medicine Practice Council of Ghana, International Spokesperson for the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers’ Association of Ghana, Founder and National Coordinator of the Preventive Health and Total Wellness Association of Ghana and member of the Ghana Institute of Management.

Dr. Asare is the author of CHOSEN TO HEAL and many published and unpublished articles on health, herbal healing, the environment and natural health.

Dr. Asare has over 200 herbal formulas and food recipes for healthy living. He has been a passionate advocate for vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle option for over twenty years.

Dr. Asare has delivered free seminars in Ghana, Malawi, and Togo. He has toured several cities in the US since 2008 with his message of A HEALER IN EVERY FAMILY.

He has trained Naturopathic doctors, teachers and other healers and herbalists, in African Healing Science and Nutrition, in many cities across the United States and Ghana.

Dr. Asare is also a patron and cultural adviser for the AFRICA FOR AFRICANS SOCIAL AND INVESTMENT TOURS between West Africa and the US.



YAW MORRIS MENSAH is a young and energetic vegan with Certification in Dietetics and Nutrition from KNUST-GHANA. He is a naturally gifted Physician with many inborn qualities regarding Human Health, a Public Health Speaker and a motivational Speaker. He has worked with Naturopathic companies and Clinics as well, also well-endowed with Healing with Diet. Researching into health related matters from Nature’s perspective is his secret, He believes the Creator is the source of his wisdom and the Ultimate healer in the Universe.

His contribution to the society by way of delivering Health messages to Churches, Associations and various Organizations at least every month have been remarkably impressive, and leaving an indelible stains of great lifestyle change and total health reformation on their mind. He’s written many health articles to health magazines for public health education.

He reformed into being a real vegan in 2010. His enthusiastic and inspiring attitude led him into exploring and researching into health and life related matters, via such means he discovered and opted for this very healthy lifestyle to tread on his entire life, thus advocating strongly for veganism.

“Education is not the learning of Facts but the training of the mind to think”-       Albert Einstein.



KOLA BRAIMAH is a Wholistic wellness consultant, life coach, iridologist, pranic, chakral and crystal healer as well as ABNLP certified NLP practitioner. He is passionate about energy medicine and promotes natural healing modalities without the use of conventional orthodox medications.

He is dedicated to helping our people find their true-life purpose and fulfilling their full potentials. Kola co-owns and manages LifeWellness Center (LWC), a Wholistic wellness center, situated at 10 Zinia Street, Community 20, Lashibi.

LifeWellness Center specializes in Weight Management, Stress Management, Pain Management as well Emotional & Mental Healing Therapies and Protocols. He implores everyone to free themselves from habitual thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns that limit their consciousness. He knows everyone is here on earth for a divine purpose and it behooves on us all to find that purpose and fulfill it. Until he discovered his true-life purpose in light work, he had extensive experience in banking operations and marketing spanning over 20 plus years gained at Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Ecobank Ghana Limited, Standard Trust now UBA (Ghana) Limited and running his own financial and micro-finance company. During this period, he progressed from a junior entry-level operations officer to a supervisor and developed into one of Ecobank’s & UBA’s and indeed Ghana’s finest bankers.

Kola has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria and an MBA in Finance from University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Kola has nurtured two beautiful daughters, Sheri and Oyebisi, who mirrors the life he has lived.

Vegan/Vegetarian & Healthy Life Status: I became a full vegan in 2013 for health reasons. I believe that to fulfill my life purpose I have to take care of my body because it houses me, the soul. Veganism as part of a healthy lifestyle provides me with the opportunity to realise my life purpose. Since I became a vegan I have lost over 35kgs naturally and most of the health issues I had (spondyloses, sciatica nerve, lower and upper back challenges) have been kept at bay. I live a blissful, stress free lifestyle facilitated by my yoga and meditation practice.

Favourite Quote: “Be still, the universe conspires”.



JENNIFER AGYEMAN is a personal development specialist, who provides soft skills training to personnel within dynamic organizations and coaches driven individuals (from executives to entrepreneurs), providing them insights into powerful resources and techniques to better understand themselves and others and achieve their desired outcomes.

She combines her passion for excellence, successful living, projecting the right image and positive relationships with her extensive skill set in soft skills and the science of the mind to help bring effective change into individual lives and organisations. A certified and experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Image Consultant, she also holds a certificate in Event management.

Personal sessions with Jennifer will provide clarity and focus whilst enabling clients to understand and change unhelpful mindsets and beliefs which are the result of experience and programming. Issues connected to emotional trauma can be dealt with and the effects eliminated or reduced, including phobias and personal conflicts as the root cause are discovered.

Jennifer is very passionate about making healthy lifestyle choices in food and drink, among others. Personal experience has shown her that what we consume impacts our results and that food that is highly nutritious puts our bodies in a better state, increasing our chances of success even in conceiving, a healthier childbirth experience and successful breastfeeding amongst others. She follows a predominantly pescetarian diet and thoroughly enjoys raw and vegan food.

Jennifer Agyeman fully supports the vision of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana because she appreciates that its work is very necessary and can transform the nation by educating and renewing mindsets around what people put into their bodies daily.



Kristyne Twum Ofori is the CEO of Colour Magic Print Ltd. A Design, Branding and Full Colour Digital/Lithio Printing Press located in Kokomlemle, Accra. With a marketing and creative background she rebranded the family business in 2014 and believes that every company should have Corporate and Marketing print material that stands out, makes a statement and inspires others. Colour Magic Print ensures that the statement you make is positive and all your contact materials and promotional items carve a unique and lasting image.

Colour Magic Print ‘Transforms Companies” by providing custom logos and designs, outstanding print quality with excellent customer service. She’s an ABNLP certified NLP coach, a qualified Pharmacist, and owner of PharmAssist Ltd. She was the Pharmacy Manager of Pharmacy Plus, in Bristol, UK. She sourced and set up the HASS Hearing Centre, the first of its kind in Ghana and the West African Sub–‐region.

She was the Managing Director from 1997 – 2000. She’s a co–‐founder of The Unicorn Group with companies such as Origin8 Ltd and GeniSys Solutions Ltd in it’s portfolio. Kristyne has a BSc Pharm degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology and a Pharmacy Accuracy certification in the UK. She’s a Hearing Aid acoustician from the Phonak Centre in Switzerland.

Vegan/Vegetarian & Healthy Life Status:

Became a vegetarian in July 2017. By eating to nourish my body, I’ve realized that food is medicine. I have lost weight and feel good.


Favourite Quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou