VegGhana Quarterly 7 (SEVEN) Days Raw Food Challenge

  • WHAT: Eating Raw Food Only for just 7 days….no cooked meal.Just fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts.
  • WHEN: Every Quarter
  • PURPOSE: Resetting your body energies in line with divine Order.
  • POSSIBLE OUTCOMES: Body Healing Experiences.Observe and experience the amazing inner dwelling intelligence and presence within you conspiring to heal you mind, body and soul


Join us for this amazing journey in just 7 days every quarter


Testimonies from Previous 7 Days Raw Food Challenge

  • I am delighted and inspired by the various recipes being posted here by members. I should say am really impressed. – Naa Adolley Allotey
  • My 1 year old son also took part in 7DRFC. By the 3rd day we decided to transit the son back to cooked meals. RESULT: MY SON REFUSES TO TAKE COOK MEALS….STILL ON THE RAW FOOD. HE FOUND HIS NATURAL SELF –Jessi G. B
  • We’ve finished the 7DRFC. What a wonderful week! I’m fitting into my clothes better, and into some I haven’t worn in a long time. My skin is softer and I feel so good. I didn’t realise how easy it would be. Just taking one day at a time made all the difference. Thank you VegGhana!- Kristyne
  • Tell me about it! For me, am just gonna carry on and any time l feel for cook food, l will not deny my self of it! Sis, just go with the flow wai! It’s all about healthy life style Shalom! X – Empress Muyi (Joined from the United Kingdom)
  • I know the feeling… never felt this good and ‘free’ in the dress I’m wearing today.– Jennifer Agyeman
  • Can we start sharing what we have noticed this week about our wellness due to the 7DRFC? I’ll start. I am mindful about what I am putting in my ‘beautiful & blessed body’, feeling more energized and less tired. I am sleeping better and enjoying a better quality of sleep. For example, I woke up earlier than normal today and I feel gooood. Was not normally the case. Thanks everyone for the positive vibes wai – Jenny
  • What 7DRFC has done for me: I’ve ALWAYS FOREVER had this constant sense of bloatedness. Coupled with a lifelong dislike of all things diet! Result is I carry an ever-expanded stomach which makes wearing favourites clothes and feeling good a constant challenge. As a mature woman of 45 you get to the stage where you literally give up on self. Then comes 7DRFC. Listen…I SLIDE into my Jeans and shorts and ….my dresses fit without a mid-waist bulge that’s has no place in a fine outfit You know what I mean ladies…. I’m excited about food/eating eager to try new things each day …and I spend a fraction of the time over a hot cooker (well no time at all) I tell you I’m getting bad looks from my Range cooker👀. 🙃🙃Best of all I’ve noticed I get a full night undisturbed sleep as no longer need to use the toilet in the middle of the night (MY biggest ThankYou to 7DRFC). U have no idea what that means to me after YEARS of enduring broken sleep. TBH I’m now wondering how I keep this going after the ends.  ..u are awesome 👏Medamo asi –N.A.

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